About Us

The American College of Bankruptcy (hereinafter the "College” or “ACB”) is an honorary public service association of United States and international insolvency professionals who are invited to join as Fellows based on a proven record of the highest standards of expertise, leadership, integrity, professionalism, scholarship, and service to the bankruptcy practice and to their communities.  In recognizing distinguished professionals from every area of bankruptcy and insolvency practice, the College highlights qualities, values, and achievements to which others in the field aspire.

The College funds projects that improve the quality of bankruptcy law and practice, as well as access to justice, in particular by assisting pro bono legal service programs. Together with its affiliated Foundation, ACB is the largest nongovernmental financial supporter of bankruptcy and insolvency-related pro bono legal service programs in the United States.

The College facilitates the effective domestic and cross-border application of bankruptcy and insolvency laws and the administration of justice in the courts. It contributes its resources and the talents of its Fellows to the furtherance of professional education about bankruptcy and insolvency law and practice through conducting advanced educational programs across the country and sponsoring the publication of scholarly reports. The College also submits amicus curiae briefs in important appellate cases and maintains the National Bankruptcy Archives at the University of Pennsylvania Law School to preserve the history of the profession. Looking to the future, the College encourages extraordinary individuals to join the bankruptcy practice by selecting and honoring distinguished students from each judicial circuit. In all of its work, the College is dedicated to enhancing public respect for and professionalism in the insolvency and bankruptcy practice.