Personal Photo

Prof. Kenneth N. Klee


Current Position

Klee, Tuchin, Bogdanoff & Stern LLP
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Class: I (1990)Circuit: Ninth


Stanford, B.A. (1971)
Harvard, J.D. (1974)

Professional Career

Partner, Klee, Tuchin, Bogdanoff & Stern L.L.P. (1999-)
UCLA School of Law: Acting Professor (1997-02); Professor (2002-),
SBLI Visiting Professor, Georgia State University College of Law (2003)
Visiting Professor, Harvard Law School (1995-96)
Of Counsel, Stutman Treister & Glatt (1997-99)
Associate (1980-81); Shareholder, Stutman Treister & Glatt P.C. (1981-97)
Associate, Shutan & Trost P.C. (1977-80)
Associate Counsel, House Judiciary Committee (1974-77)


National Bankruptcy Conference
American Law Institute
American Bankruptcy Institute
Financial Lawyers Conference, Governor
International Insolvency Institute, Director (2000-09)
9th Circuit Historical Society Advisory Board (2012-)


Collier on Bankruptcy (15th ed. contributing editor, 1979; consulting editor 1980-96)
Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice Editor (2d ed. consulting editor since 1993)
Bankruptcy and the Supreme Court LexisNexis 2009 Author
Fundamentals of Bankruptcy Law (ALI-ABA 4th ed. 1996); Fundamentals of Bankruptcy Law (ALI-ABA 3d ed. 1993); Fundamentals of Bankruptcy Law (2d ed. 1988); Fundamentals of Bankruptcy Law (ALI-ABA 1986) (with Scarberry, Newton, Nickels); "Business Reorganization in Bankruptcy," 2d ed. 2000, 3rd ed. 2006, 4th ed. 2012 Co-author (with Treister, Trost, Forman, Levin) Cases and Materials, West Publishing Co. (1996)
Law Review Articles: "Recalibrating Consent in Bankruptcy," (with Daniel Bussel), 83 Am. Bankr. L.J. 663-748 2009
Law Review Articles: "The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005-Business Bankruptcy Amendments," (with Brendt C. Butler), 28 Calif. Bankr. J. 270-341 (2006); 38 U.C.C.L.J. 1-71 (2006) "Teaching Transactional Law," 27 Calif. Bankr. J. 295-311 (2004); "Asset-Backed Securitization, Special Purpose Vehicles and other Securitization Issues," (with Butler), 35 U.C.C.L.J. 23-67 Sep 2002
"One Size Fits Some: Single Asset Real Estate Bankruptcy Cases," 87 Cornell L. Rev.1285-1332 Sep 2002
"Tithing and Bankruptcy," 75 American Bankruptcy Law Journal 157-196 Spring 2001
"Sovereign Piracy," (with Gulati), 56 Business Lawyer 635-51 (Feb 2001); "State Defiance of Bankruptcy Law," (with Johnston & Winston), 52 Vanderbilt Law Review 527-1606 (Nov 1999)
Rev. of: 23 California Bankruptcy Journal 325-329 (1997); Buying and Selling Real Estate in Bankruptcy, by John Collen