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International Insolvency Institute

The International Insolvency Institute is a non-profit, limited-membership invitational organization dedicated to advancing and promoting insolvency as a respected discipline in the international field. Its primary objectives include improving international co-operation in the insolvency area and achieving greater co-ordination among nations in multinational business reorganizations and restructurings.

The Institute’s membership is drawn from the most senior and respected insolvency practitioners, judges and academics in the world and it has valuable liaisons with many of the most senior regulatory and administrative professionals in the insolvency field.

INSOL International

INSOL International is a worldwide federation of national associations of accountants and lawyers who specialise in turnaround and insolvency. There are currently 34 Member Associations with over 7,700 professionals participating as members of INSOL International. Individuals who are not members of a member association join as individual members.

INSOL also has ancillary groups that represent the judiciary, regulators, lenders and academics. These groups play an invaluable role within INSOL and provide valuable forums for discussions of mutual problems.

INSOL was formed in 1982 and has grown in stature to become the leading insolvency association in the world. It is a valuable source of professional knowledge, which is being put to use around the world on diverse projects to the benefit of the business and financial communities.