ACB Foundation Mission Statement

The American College of Bankruptcy Foundation was established to promote the ends of justice through educational and charitable activities. Its missions, focused in the areas of bankruptcy and insolvency, are: sponsorship and encouragement of legal research, publications and forums; establishment of scholarships; providing for the collection and maintenance of data and documents for scholarly research; and fostering the institution and maintenance of legal aid facilities for the indigent. The Foundation provides support to pro bono legal service programs providing assistance to an increasingly diverse and evolving number of communities across the entire United States

ACB Foundation ByLaws (Updated March 18, 2021)

American College of Bankruptcy Foundation Officers and Directors

Jan M. Hayden, Chair
Vincent E. Lazar, Vice Chair
Lisa M. Schweitzer Secretary
Rebecca A. Roof, Treasurer
Isabel C. Balboa
Steven N. Berger
E. Frank Childress, Jr.
Jeanne P. Darcey
Cecily A. Dumas
Kenneth H. Eckstein
Jay M. Goffman
Peggy Hunt
Marjorie Kaufman
Corali Lopez-Castro
Hon. Margaret M. Mann
Julio (Rick) Mendoza
Patrick J. Nash
Judy A. O'Neill
Mark Shinderman
Prof. Elizabeth Tashjian
Lynn Lewis Tavenner
J. Scott Victor
William L. Wallander
David A. Warfield
Richard L. Wasserman

Senior Directors

Robert J. Rosenberg

Ex Officio

Charles A. Beckham, Jr.