ACB Foundation Mission Statement

The American College of Bankruptcy Foundation was established to promote the ends of justice through educational and charitable activities. Its missions, focused in the areas of bankruptcy and insolvency, are: sponsorship and encouragement of legal research, publications and forums; establishment of scholarships; providing for the collection and maintenance of data and documents for scholarly research; and fostering the institution and maintenance of legal aid facilities for the indigent.

ACB Foundation ByLaws

American College of Bankruptcy Foundation Officers and Directors

Paul E. Harner, Chair
Jan M. Hayden, Vice Chair
Charles A. Beckham, Jr., Secretary
Martha E.M. Kopacz, Treasurer
Marc Abrams
Charles A. Beckham, Jr.
Russell M. Blain
Hon. Sheri Bluebond
Janet E. Bostwick
Guy A. Davis
Kenneth H. Eckstein
M. Colette Gibbons
Rozanne M. Giunta
Craig Goldblatt
Scott J. Goldstein
Ronald F. Greenspan
Eric W. Lam
Vincent E. Lazar
David E. Leta
Norman L. Pernick
Natalie D. Ramsey
Paul S. Singerman
J. Scott Victor
William L. Wallander
Richard L. Wasserman
Hon. Judith H. Wizmur (Ret.)

Senior Directors

Richard Carmody

Ex Officio

Mark D. Bloom