Foundation Honor Roll

2024 Foundation Wall of Honor

American College of Bankruptcy Foundation Wall of Honor Donations
Thank you to the many Fellows who have recognized the accomplishments of their colleagues, friends and family through donations to the Foundation in memory or honor of those individuals or groups since the Foundation's inception.  If you would like to recognize someone in this way, please include information in the memo section of your check or the notes section of paypal.

Donations have been made in memory of the following individuals:

Ed Adams by Douglus L. Lutz
Bess Adelman by Hon. Bruce Harwood
Hon. Bill Brister by Hon. Josiah M. Daniel
Hon. W. Homer Drake, Jr. by Hon. Paul W. Bonapfel
Hon. Nancy Dreher by Hon. Robert J. Kressel
C.J. Duberstein by Melanie L. Cyganowski
Edward M. Heller by Jan M. Hayden
Hon. Robert F. Hershner, Jr. by Denise N. Neary
Hon.William C. Hillman by Thomas S. Hemmendinger
Hon. Bruce Jenkins by Hon. Peggy Hunt (Judge Jenkins served the District of Utah as a Disrict Court Judge for many years and was a referee under the Act.)
Hon. David S. Kennedy by E. Franklin Childress, Jr. and Michael P. Coury
Elaine Kolodny by Prof. Steven Schwarcz
Hon. Joseph M. Meier by Hon. Mary Jo Heston and Hon. John Hoffman
Hon. Alexander Paskay by Jordi Guso

Mickey Sheinfeld by Robert E. Ogle
Carl Spector by David Warfield and Gregory D. Willard
Hon. Douglas O. Tice, Jr.  by Michael Baxter
Frank Vecchione by Simon Kimmelman
Hon. Michael G. Williamson by Hon. Roberta A. Colton, Donald R. Kirk, and Laura Stricker
Neal Wolf by Adelaide Maudsley

The following Fellows donated in memory of Class 23 Fellow, Eric W. Anderson:

Richard P. Carmody
Dennis J. Connolly
Hon. Mary Grace Diehl
Grant T. Stein

The following Fellows donated in memory of G. Christopher Meyer, Class 11, former Chair of the American College of Bankruptcy:

Shari L. Bedker
Hon. Janet E. Bostwick
Richard P. Carmody
Daniel C. Cohn
Engelman Berger, P.C.
Daniel M. Glosband
Harry W. Greenfield
Paul E. Harner
Keller Benvenutti Kim LLP
Marc and Mary Jane Levinson
Norman L. Pernick
Rebecca A. Roof
Berry D. Spear

The following Fellows donated in memory of Class 15 Fellow, Sheila T. Smith:

Hon. Janet E. Bostwick
Kathryn A. Coleman
Melanie L. Cyganowski
Jeanne P. Darcey
Douglas R. Gooding
Margie Kaufman
John J. Monaghan
Nina M. Parker



Donations have been made in honor of the following individuals or groups:

Charles A. Beckham, Jr.  by:
      Jordan Chavez
     Trey Monsour

     Hon. Christopher Mott

    Anne Reed

Michael L. Cook by Hon. James L. Garrity, Senior
Hon. Jay Crisol by Hon. Corali Lopez-Castro in honor of his lifetime of public service.
Hon. William A. Hill by Roger J. Minch in honor of his excellent work as the only bankruptcy judge in South Dakota for decades!
Hon. Jeffery Hopkins by Hon. Erithe Smith for the visionary and transformational work in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion mission of the College.
Hon. Laurel M. Isicoff by Hon. Erithe Smith for the visionary and transformational work in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion mission of the College.
Hal Novikoff by Ricky Mason
Bob Rubin by Timothy M. Lupinnaci
Hon. Mary D. Scott (ret.) by Joyce Bradley Babin for her "contributions to the College, the bankruptcy community (nationally and locally) and her encouragement of my career."
Hon Erithe Smith by Hon.Deborah L. Thorne for her important work with NCBJ and the College
Hon. Douglas Tice, Jr. by Paula S. Beran and Lynn L. Tavenner
Hon. John Waites by George B. Cauthen
The Fellows of the First and Fourth Circuits by Michael Baxter