2022 Honor Roll

American College of Bankruptcy Foundation Wall of Honor Donations

Thank you to the many Fellows who have recognized the accomplishments of their colleagues, friends and family through donations to the Foundation in memory or honor of those individuals or groups since the Foundation's inception.  If you would like to recognize someone in this way, please include information in the memo section of your check or the notes section of paypal.


Donations have been made in memory of the following individuals:

Robert J. Blackwell by Wendell Sherk
Jo Ann J. Brighton, Class 19 by Hon. Judith K. Fitzgerald
Tom R. Cornish by Hon. Robert E. Nugent
Hon. W. Homer Drake, Jr. by Hon. Paul Bonapfel
Hon. Nancy C. Dreher by Hon. Joan N. Feeney
C.J. Duberstein by Melanie L. Cyganowski
Bonnie Glantz Fatell, Class 16 by Hon. Diane Weiss Sigmund and Claudia Z. Springer
Prof. Christopher W. Frost, Class 26 by Beverly M. Burden
Philip J. Hendel, Class 5 by Daniel C. Cohn
Hon. Joe Lee by Beverly M. Burden and Laura Day Del Cotto
Grace Katherine Manns by Ryan E. Manns
Hon. Alexander L. Paskay by Jordi Guso
David Sykes by Claudia Z. Springer and Hon. Marjorie Rendell
"The Fellows who are no longer with us, but whose years of dedication to this practice  have contributed so much to all who do it now." by Jan Baker

And the following Fellows donated to the Foundation in honor of the Hon. Michael G. Williamson, Class 4:

Hon. Louise DeCarl Adler
Jay Bender
Russel M.Blain
Leyza F.Blanco
Mark D.Bloom
Hon. Jacob Brown
Richard P. Carmody
Hon. Roberta A. Colton
Dennis J.Connolly
Hon. Arthur B.Federman
Hon. Joan N. Feeney
James S.Feltman
Leonard H.Gilbert
Elizabeth A.Green
Hon. Laurel Myerson Isicoff
W. Austin Jowers
Donald R.Kirk
John W. Kozyak
Corali Lopez-Castro
Hon. Robert A. Mark
G.Christopher Meyer
Ian Ratner
Patricia A. Redmond
Harley E.Riedel
Paul StevenSingerman
Hon. Karen Specie
Grant T.Stein
M. Regina Thomas
Jeffrey W.Warren

Donations have been made in honor of the following individuals or groups:

Bill Brandt by Peter J. Benvenutti
G. Eric Brunstad, Jr. by the Bankruptcy Bar Association of Maryland
Our "wonderful" DEI Commission by Paul E. Harner
Hon. Jeffery Hopkins on his elevation to Article 3 by Hon. Laurel Myerson Isicoff
Melissa S. Kibler, Chair, American College of Bankruptcy by Vince Lazar
Corali Lopez-Castro by TImothy M. Lupinacci
The DEI Committee by Hon. Jeffery P. Hopkins
Hon. Douglas O. Tice, Jr. by Paula S. Beran and Lynn Lewis Tavenner