Personal Photo

Richardo I. Kilpatrick


Current Position

Kilpatrick and Associates, P.C.
903 N. Opdyke, Suite C
Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Tel: 248-377-0700
Fax: 248-377-0800

Class: X (1999)Circuit: Sixth


Harvard University, B.A. Economics (1973)
University of Michigan Law School, J.D. (1982)
Admitted to Michigan Bar (1983)

Professional Career

Partner, Shermeta, Chimko & Kilpatrick, P.C. (1987-99)
Associate, Shermeta, Tardie, Chimko & Hocking, P.C. (1984-86)


American Bankruptcy Institute
American Bar Association
Federal Bar Association
National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees
National Association of Chapter 13 Trustees
Trustee's Education Network


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