Standing Committees

Bankruptcy History Committee

The mission of the Committee is to help preserve the history of bankruptcy and insolvency practice in and with the United States, and to carry out the purposes set forth in the agreement between the College and the University of Pennsylvania Law School with respect to the establishment and administration of the National Bankruptcy Archives located at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Bankruptcy Policy Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to identify and analyze policy issues and coordinate with other organizations, as appropriate, to enhance the quality and scope of the bankruptcy practice. Activities may include supporting the College’s consideration and preparation of amicus briefs, letters to Congress advising on systemic bankruptcy matters, and other positions on bankruptcy policy.

College Columns Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to oversee publication, revision and maintenance of the College Columns quarterly newsletter.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ("DEI") Committee

The DEI Committee was established to continue to execute the challenges of the Mission Statement, develop a comprehensive plan, and continue the necessary work to achieve systemic change in the College and the insolvency community.

Distinguished Law and Business Student Committee

The Distinguished Bankruptcy Law and Business Student program was established by the American College of Bankruptcy to identify and promote prospective leaders in the insolvency and bankruptcy profession. Committee members review and vet the nominations submitted by law or business school professors or deans, in consultation with their respective Circuit Regents, as appropriate, to select the Distinguished Bankruptcy Law and Business Students. Distinguished Bankruptcy Law Students are selected annually for each Circuit, while Distinguished Business Students are selected annually on a national basis.

The criteria for the selection includes academic excellence, professional accomplishments in bankruptcy or restructuring-related courses and other endeavors while enrolled in school that relate to insolvency issues (e.g., moot court, case competitions, writing competitions, publications, research, participation in relevant community service programs, etc.), participation in relevant community service programs, etc.), a passion for, or intent to practice in, the restructuring and insolvency area, and commitment to public service and pro bono efforts. Additional information.

Distinguished Service Award Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to recommend to the Board of Directors the annual recipient of the Distinguished Service Award. Current and past Award Recipients are listed here. The Committee members are:

Educational Programs Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to identify educational programs for College sponsorship and to develop other programs designed to further the educational purposes of the College to Fellows and the bankruptcy community.

Educational Program Subcommittees

Executive Committee

The Committee is established by Art. VI, Sec. 10 of the By-Laws.  The Committee supports the Chair and President in leading the governance of the College.

Finance Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to provide oversight and advice on all financial aspects of the College and Foundation, including, but not limited to, investment policy, monthly financial statement review, yearly audit, and budget.

Freshman Fellows Committee

The Freshman Fellows Program was established in March 2022 to assist the successful integration of new Fellows into the College, broaden their understanding of the College and its resources, and expand their networks by connecting them to key leaders in the College.

International Committee

The College’s International Committee enhances the College’s international profile and engages International Fellows in the College’s initiatives and activities and provides an opportunity for domestic Fellows to participate in those activities and to liaise with the College’s International Fellows. 

Judicial Outreach Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to facilitate the involvement of more of the judge Fellows of the College in the College’s activities. The members include all active, sitting judges of the College.

Liaisons Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to serve as liaison to the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges, the National Bankruptcy Conference, the American Bankruptcy Institute, the Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors (AIRA), the Business Bankruptcy Subcommittee of the Section of Business Law of the American Bar Association, International Insolvency Institute, International Women's Insolvency & Restructuring Confederation, National Association of Bankruptcy Trustees and other bankruptcy organizations as may be determined by the Chair of the College. 

Meetings and Events Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to encourage and facilitate regional social events in and between circuits at College regional educational programs or in conjunction with other major organizations meetings around the U.S.

Nominating Committee

The Committee is established by Art. IX, Sec. 8 of the By-Laws to recommend nominees for College and Foundation officers, directors, regents and Committee Chairs to the Board of Directors of the College. The standing members (Chair, President, Foundation Chair and Chair of Board Regents) select three rotating members appointed annually.

Senior Fellows Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to facilitate an exchange of knowledge and resources between and among Senior Fellows, other Fellows, and the College as a whole. Please click here to visit the Senior Fellows Committee resource page, Senior Moments.

Visibility Committee

The goal of the Visibility Committee is to develop and enhance public awareness outside the College of the good and valuable work of the College and Foundation, and the achievements of Fellows of the College including through the semi-annual newsletter, social media and website.  The target audience is generally within the professions of the Fellows and locally in the regions in which they live and work, and in the communities that benefit from the pro bono programs supported by grants from the College and Foundation.

Foundation Committees

Pro Bono Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to identify clinical and other community programs devoted to providing debt counseling and other legal services to low income families for sponsorship by the Foundation, and to identify DEI pipeline and other programs that actively promote the values of the DEI Committee through the resources and endeavors of the College and Foundation.