Educational Programs Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to identify educational programs for College sponsorship and to develop other programs designed to further the educational purposes of the College to Fellows and the bankruptcy community.

View upcoming eduational events here.

Regina Stango Kelbon (Chair)Philadelphia, PA

William W. Kannel (First Circuit Chair)Boston, MA

Kathryn A. Coleman (Second Circuit Co-Chair)New York, NY

Lori Lapin Jones (Second Circuit Co-Chair)Great Neck, NY

Lawrence J. Kotler (Third Circuit Co-Chair)Philadelphia, PA

Michael B. Schaedle (Third Circuit Co-Chair)Philadelphia, PA

Denise M. Neary (Fourth Circuit Chair)

Kenric D. Kattner (Fifth Circuit Chair)Houston, TX

James E. Bailey III (Sixth Circuit Chair)Memphis, TN

Deborah J. Caruso (Seventh Circuit Co-Chair)Indianapolis, IN

Brian L. Shaw (Seventh Circuit Co-Chair)Chicago, IL

James A. Lodoen (Eighth Circuit Chair)Minneapolis, MN

Ori Katz (Ninth Circuit Co-Chair)San Francisco, CA

Mark Shinderman (Ninth Circuit Co-Chair)Los Angeles, CA

William H. Hoch III (Tenth Circuit Chair)Oklahoma City, OK

Jordi Guso (Eleventh Circuit Chair)Miami, FL