Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission

The Select Commission on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission (the "DEI Commission") was established in March 2021.  

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The Mission Statement of the DEI Commission is as follows:

To develop a comprehensive plan that instills mindfulness regarding all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion, and actively promotes those values through the resources and endeavors 
of the College and Foundation.

The members of the DEI Commission include diverse representatives from every Circuit.  The DEI Commission has established sub-committees to focus the work of the group.  The members and sub-committees are listed below.

Co-Chair: Hon. Jeffery  Hopkins

Co-Chair: Hon. Laurel Isicoff

Reporter: Prof. Nancy Rapoport 


Internal Design & Implementation Subcommittee

Chair-Michael St. Patrick Baxter
Connie Lahn
Gil Miller
Nina Parker
Bettina Whyte


Chair-Jack Butler
Kelley Cornish
Prof. Mechele Dickerson
Ricardo Kilpatrick



Chair-Sandeep Qusba
Omar Alaniz
Hon. Erithe Smith
George Snyder

Thank you to these Fellows for volunteering their time and efforts to lead the College's initiatives to promote diversity, equity and inclusion within the College and Foundation, the restructuring industry and our society at large.