The DEI Commission is pleased to share short “stories” or mini-autobiographies (that are sure to interest you) of Fellows who are sharing their unique experiences or encounters relative to themes of diversity, equity and inclusion either during their professional careers, or before. 


If you have a positive short story concerning DEI that you want to share and have featured under the “Hear My Story/Be the Voice” of the DEI Commission’s tab on the College’s website, please email it to us.  The goal here is for the College and, more importantly, the distinguished Fellows who give life to this prestigious institution to take the road (historically) less travelled towards making the practice of bankruptcy law and the debt restructuring industry in general better reflect all the persons impacted. That goal can only be achieved if we are able to witness the humanity in persons of different skin colors, gender or sexual orientation, and if we each take individual actions on a continual basis along the lines suggested in the oft-quoted words of Commissioner Richardo Kilpatrick: “expand your rolodex”!   


From the Column-nist:  Over and “Out”.
by Steven Berger, November 2021

For my last column as co-editor of Columns, I couldn’t help but be inspired by Judge Houser’s words in her acceptance speech after receiving the College’s Distinguished Service Award.  From my remote location in front of my computer in Scottsdale, I watched and listened to our awardee, the esteemed Judge, discuss her journey in the profession.  She thanked many of her mentors and colleagues from whom she had learned over the years.  And, of course, she thanked her wife for years of support and encouragement. 

Wait, her wife?,,, Click here to read the rest of Steve's story.


Hon. Charles G. Case (ret.)

The first story we are featuring is one authored by Judge Chuck Case (ret.) regarding his time in the Peace Corps.  Chuck is a longstanding Fellow in the College and a wonderful writer. Over many years, Chuck has made outstanding contributions to international insolvency law, which has included multiple teaching expeditions to a plethora of countries, many in the developing world and in war-torn regions around the globe. Chuck’s DEI story is quite touching and relevant to the Commission’s work as we strive, together, as Fellows to instill mindfulness regarding all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion and to actively promote these values through the resources and endeavors of the College and Foundation.  Click here to read Chuck's story.