Commission on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Formed

Monday, April 5, 2021

Stanardsville, VA-April 5, 2021
The American College of Bankruptcy (the "College") announced at the annual meeting of Fellows on March 19, 2021, that the College has established a Select Commission on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (the "DEI Commission") to be chaired by U.S. Bankruptcy Judges Jeffery P. Hopkins and Laurel M. Isicoff. The Mission Statement of the DEI Commission is as follows:
To develop a comprehensive plan that instills mindfulness regarding all aspects of diversity, equity and inclusion, and actively promotes those values through the resources and endeavors of the College and Foundation.
Mark D. Bloom, Chair of the College and Partner at Baker & McKenzie LLP, explained the impetus behind the formation of the DEI Commission, "For many years, the College has sought to promote multi-dimensional diversity, in our nomination process and by providing opportunities for Fellows representing geographic, industry, practice, gender and racial diversity to undertake significant roles in the College’s business and programs, all while maintaining the highest professional standards. Like many other professional firms and organizations, the events of the past year have caused us to focus increasingly, and more urgently, on the goals of diversity, equity and inclusion – within both the College and the institutions in which our Fellows work and practice"
"Diversity is not an issue for a moment, but a mindfulness that should be ingrained in everything we do,” added Mackinac Partners Senior Managing Director and American College of Bankruptcy President Melissa S. Kibler.
The College expresses its gratitude to the following members for volunteering their time and efforts for this important undertaking:
Co-Chair: Hon. Jeffery P. Hopkins
Co-Chair: Hon. Laurel M. Isicoff
· Omar J. Alaniz
· Michael St. Patrick Baxter
· Jack Butler
· Kelley A. Cornish
· Prof. A. Mechelle Dickerson
· Richardo I. Kilpatrick
· Connie A. Lahn
· Gil A. Miller
· Nina M. Parker
· Sandeep Qusba
· Hon. Erithe A. Smith
· George T. Snyder
· Bettina M. Whyte
Judge Hopkins and Judge Isicoff added, "We can accomplish anything to which we set our hearts and our minds to make our profession look more like the broad cross-section of people whose interests we serve. Given the diversity of the many persons whose lives are affected by the work we do, it is especially important that we have more diverse voices in the many conference rooms and courthouses where bankruptcy and insolvency matters are resolved."
For more information, please contact Shari Bedker, Executive Director,, 434-939-6004.