Senior Moments

Members of the Senior Fellows Committee have provided several articles of interest to those Fellows who are retired or considering retirement and a fruitful transition from a current career. Please click the links below for further information. If you would like to contribute an article, please contact Richard Carmody, Senior Moments Editor, at

Phased Retirement: The Next Big Trend (Feb 10, 2017)

How Obamacare Repeal Could Change Your Retirement Plans (Feb 9, 2017)

How much do you need to fund retirement? More than you think (Feb 7, 2017)

11 Critical Things to Consider When Choosing Where to Retire

4 Steps to Reinventing Your Retirement

5 Ways to Volunteer and Travel for Free

30 Awesome Things to Do in Retirement

As Baby Boomer Partners Retire, Law Firms Face Increasing Costs and Client Issues

Bankruptcy attorney considers pro bono work a calling

Boomers reinvent themselves in retirement

How To Mentor Without Overshadowing Your Mentee (requires paid subscription to Bankruptcy Daily News to view)

I Closed My Private Practice Twice: Here's What I Learned

Law Firm Partners Face The Perfect Storm In Retirement

Old Lady Lawyer: Lessons From A Baseball Great

Overcoming Your 5 Biggest Retirement Challenges

The 10 Ways Tech Is Changing How We Age

The Best Things I Learned from Other Lawyers

Tranferring Funds Tax-Free From an IRA to Charity

Transitioning Clients and Setting Compensation for Partners Approaching Retirement

U.S. Retirees Live Shorter Lives Than Peers in Other Nations

Weil Gotshal litigation veteran chooses new firm over retirement

What To Expect When Selling Your Practice

When Roles Reverse: Caring for Mom or Dad

Transitions: From Cutting Edge to Rusty Saw (May 28, 2011)