Distinguished Service Award History

Please click on the links below to view past Distinguished Service Award introductions and remarks. A complete list of past Distinguished Service Award recipients can be found at the bottom of the Distinguished Service Award page.



(Left to right: Mr. sommer, prof. resnick, and prof. westbrook)

Prof. Alan Resnick Distinguished Service Award Presentation Speech
Henry Sommer Distinguished Service Award Acceptance Speech
Prof. Jay Westbrook Distinguished Service Award Acceptance Speech
Henry J. Sommer Distinguished Service Award Resolution
Prof. Jay L. Westbrook Distinguished Service Award Resolution


(Left to right: Prof. Klee and Michael Cook)

(Left to right: Gerald Smith, Richard Levin and Michael Cook)

Gerald K. Smith introduction of recipients
Prof. Kenneth N. Klee acceptance remarks
Richard B. Levin acceptance remarks


(Judge King and Jan Baker)

D. J. (Jan) Baker introduction of recipient
Hon. Carolyn Dineen King acceptance remarks


(Left to right: Ralph Mabey and Judge Lifland)

Ralph R. Mabey introduction of recipient
Hon. Burton Lifland acceptance remarks


(Left to right: Harvey Miller and Patrick Murphy)

Harvey Miller introduction of recipient
Patrick A. Murphy acceptance remarks


(Left to right: Leonard Gilbert and R. Neal Batson)

R. Neal Batson introduction of recipient
Leonard H. Gilbert acceptance remarks


(Left to right: R. Neal Batson and Raymond Shapiro)

Harvey R. Miller keynote address
Raymond Shapiro introduction of recipient
R. Neal Batson acceptance remarks


(Left to right: Prof. Alan Resnick and Ralph Mabey)

Prof. Alan Resnick introduction of recipient
Ralph R. Mabey acceptance remarks


DSA Recipient David Sykes


(left to right: Evelyn Biery, DSA Recipient Raymond Shapiro and R. Neal Batson)
Raymond Shapiro keynote speech


DSA Recipient J. Ronald Trost and Evelyn Biery



(left to right: Ralph Mabey, DSA Recipient Harvey Miller and Leonard Rosen)


(left to right: DSA Award Recipient Jerry Patchen and Gerald Smith)



(left to right: Harvey Miller and DSA  Recipient Leonard Rosen)



(left to right: DSA Recipient Barney Shapiro and Patrick Murphy)

Prof. Lawrence King keynote speech


(left to right: DSA Recipient Gerald Smith and John Barrett)